Loan Protection / Income Insurance

Having a mortgage will expose you and your family to risk with potentially serious consequences. It is essential, that you decide how best to protect your mortgage. 
You should think about how you would repay your mortgage if you die or get seriously ill.  If you don’t have adequate protection, are you willing to accept the consequences?

Mortgage protection can provide peace of mind by helping protect you,  your partner, your family and your home if you die prematurely or get seriously ill. It helps provide dignity, control and choice in stressful times.

We also have insurance products that will make your loan payments in the event that you lose your job through no fault of your own, or are hospitalised. Commrural Lending Services are concerned for our clients and recommend that serious consideration be taken to taking out appropriate insurance to protect yourself and your family.

Should you require further information please complete our Online Enquiry form or give us a ring on 1300 559 974.  We will send you a Product Disclosure Statement that will provide you with information on the available insurance products.