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Home Loans

This is a consumer product and is covered by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.

Home loans are available for all types of residential properties, including, houses, units or apartments, whether single storey or in multi storey developments.

Home loans can be arranged for rural residential home properties  up to 150 acres, providing they are not working farms, and are essentially hobby farms.

Construction loans can also be arranged should you wish to build a new home.

Various types of loans are available including variable interest  loans where the interest rate changes according to market conditions or fixed rate loans where the interest rate is fixed for a period. Other types of features can also include offset accounts; redraw facilities, where you can redraw excess payments made over and above your agreed monthly payment.

Various repayment options are available, you can repay loans by making Principal and Interest (P & I) payments up to 30 years, or alternatively you can have a period of making Interest Only payment up to 10 years, and then convert to P & I payments, depending on your circumstances.

You can also split your loan  if you wish. In this case, the loan is split into 2 or more sub loans with different features eg one split could be interest only and the other a P & I loan. This can be advantageous when you wish to protect yourself against possible future interest rate fluctuations.

Lenders will consider loans up to an LVR (Loan/Valuation ratio) of 95%.  Any loan with an LVR  over 80% requires Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).    LMI is a form of insurance that allows lenders to protect themselves against a potential loss when the LVR exceeds 80%, should they need to sell the property in the event of default.   The LMI premium is paid by the borrower/s, as a one off off upfront payment and is generally added to the loan.

Please feel free to contact us about your Home Loan, by completing the Online Enquiry Form or ringing us on 1300 559 974.  We would love to help!