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Farm Loans

Farm loans are available for all types of farms including irrigated farming and dry land farming.

Loans can be arranged for many purposes,  including :

  • refinance and consolidation of current loans
  • farm improvements
  • family transfers
  • farm purchases

Seasonal lines of credit or overdrafts can also be arranged as part of a loan package. Various repayment packages can be negotiated to suit you.

We are accredited with the Major Banks, Regional Banks and other financiers, each lender having their own appetite for various type of loans.
 Banks generally require  freehold mortgage security and will consider other forms of security to bolster their position.

It can be difficult dealing with your Bank, let us deal with them on your behalf, to get the best possible deal that suits you. You may also be dissatisfied with your current Bank and want to shop around, we can handle that for you. We have been involved in farm lending for a long time and we know the Bank’s requirements.

In most cases the Lenders pay us, you don’t need to pay a fee.

Should you have an enquiry, please give us a ring on 1300 559 974 or complete the online enquiry Form.