Cash Flow Finance

This is a commercial lending product and is not covered by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.

This is a type of financing that is gaining popularity in Australia having being well established in the United Kingdom for many years.

Cash Flow financing suits a range of businesses and has flexible options. Many businesses are growing and developing but their cash flow is tied up in their debtors ledger, with many debtors taking up to 90 days or more to pay. In the meantime, your business could run out of cash.

Cash flow financing releases those funds to you usually within 24 hours, and then is repaid when the debtor ultimately pays. The financier does not require security over your freehold properties, but takes a charge over your debtors ledger. 
The financier can also collect your debtors on your behalf, taking the worry of debtor collection out of your hands allowing you to do what you do best.

Should you wish to discuss whether you would be eligible for Cash Flow Financing, please either ring us on 1300 559 974 or complete the Online Enquiry Form.